Al Trautwig Is An Islanders Fan You Moron

I’ve been annoyed by Mr. Al Trautwig’s snarky comments and attitude towards the Islanders on MSG for a while now. Last night I saw Al Trautwig write the following on twitter:

@AlTrautwig:    “Another new tv career is born. Spelled boron.‏”
@AlTrautwig:    “Spellcheck. Biron.”

So I responded with –
@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig Thought it was an autobiographical tweet and you meant Moron.”

That was around 8pm EST

Rangers lose to the Devils and the Islanders win. You have to imagine that Trautwig is having a bad night.

Fast forward to MIDNIGHT.

I get a call from my mother that Al Trautwig just called the house to speak to me because I wrote something about him on twitter. My mother told him that I don’t live there anymore (20 years plus) and can she have his number so I can call him back. He refused to give his number to her and said to her not to worry, that he will find me.


I sent out that tweet at 2-3am Israel time and went to sleep and then woke up to my mother’s phone call at 7AM Israel time.

So then I tweet Mr. Al Trautwig and here is the conversation:

@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig Did you REALLY just call my elderly parents at midnight because you were upset with my tweet? Do you call all your fans?”

@AlTrautwig: “REALLY. Aren’t you old enough to know better?”

@AlTrautwig:    “@Blocknesmonster: @AlTrautwig Did you REALLY just call my parents? ” you sir are old enough to know better.”

@Blocknesmonster:   “@AlTrautwig I can’t believe you called! Want a personal call from Al Trautwig? Write something mean. He’ll call you! #isles #NYR #njdevils”

@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig I’m flattered that you respect my opinion to want to shoot the breeze about it. Hey hockey world – MY opinion matters #isles”

@AlTrautwig:    “Respect? you dont understand the word.”

@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig I know enough about the word to know that I lose more respect for you with every snarky comment & uneven reporting on the Isles

@AlTrautwig:    “I root for the isles you moron.”

@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig Maybe when you were younger. Not so obvious now. Calling me a Moron shows me that I spoke your language earlier :-)”

@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig At least when I referred to you as a Moron I was more creative about it LOL.”

And that folks was the end of the tweetfest.

I still can’t believe he was/is insane enough to research my phone number and call my parent’s house, where I haven’t lived in over 20 years, at MIDNIGHT just to yell at me about a tweet.

I spoke to my father today. He said that Al’s lucky my mother answered the phone and not him.

Mojo at Islandermania found this tweet.
Al Trautwig probably drunk dialed them –

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