Wash, Rinse and Repeat – Snow’s Capuano Gamble

Like many others in Isles Country I’ve been calling for Jack Capuano to be fired. The team is unprepared, uninspired and he appears lost during games. Some say that injured players and Garth Snow’s roster choices are to blame for the team’s record. I don’t buy that because the team has the tools to win, but they don’t have the Coach to help them succeed and bring them to the next level.

The Islanders beat the Rangers last night in regulation and now begins the last 46 games of the season. Its crunch-time and the Islanders are not that far out of a playoff wildcard spot.

Realistically speaking, can Jack Capuano lead them to the playoffs? 

Let’s review some history and stats:


The New York Islanders last 46 games under Jack Capuano, season by season.

In the last last 3 seasons, the Islanders have earned 45, 45 and 53 points in their last 46 games. This season, the Islanders have a record of 10-19-7 for a total of 27 points. Let’s add this season’s 27 points to the point from the last three season’s final 46 games.


2013-2014’s first 36 games PLUS the last 46 from the previous 3 seasons under Jack Capuano

As you can see, the highest point total; would be 80 points for this season. It took 93 points to make the playoffs in 2010-11 and 92 points to make the playoffs in 2011-12. Since the 2012-13 season was an abbreviated one, its impossible to know what the playoff threshold would have been over a complete 82 games.

This is the current Wild Card picture:


Eastern Conference Wild Card Standings as of 12/21/13

We are 9 points out of 3rd place in the Metropolitan and 12 points out of the Wild Card.  

It is possible for the Islanders to make the playoffs this year because Metropolitan is so weak. BUT not the way they have been playing until now and not the way Capuano has been coaching them.  To put everything in perspective, in 2010-11 the Islanders ended the season with 73 points and 79 points in 2011-12. This year’s roster is more talented and has more potential than any other year Capuano coached the Islanders.

Capuano could be coaching this team to a worse record than 10-11 and 11-12! 

The playoffs are still within reach and history shows that Jack Capuano is not the coach to get the Islanders to the postseason. Hopefully Garth Snow wakes up and makes a drastic change before its too late.



15 Minutes Are Over

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Al Trautwig Is An Islanders Fan You Moron

I’ve been annoyed by Mr. Al Trautwig’s snarky comments and attitude towards the Islanders on MSG for a while now. Last night I saw Al Trautwig write the following on twitter:

@AlTrautwig:    “Another new tv career is born. Spelled boron.‏”
@AlTrautwig:    “Spellcheck. Biron.”

So I responded with –
@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig Thought it was an autobiographical tweet and you meant Moron.”

That was around 8pm EST

Rangers lose to the Devils and the Islanders win. You have to imagine that Trautwig is having a bad night.

Fast forward to MIDNIGHT.

I get a call from my mother that Al Trautwig just called the house to speak to me because I wrote something about him on twitter. My mother told him that I don’t live there anymore (20 years plus) and can she have his number so I can call him back. He refused to give his number to her and said to her not to worry, that he will find me.


I sent out that tweet at 2-3am Israel time and went to sleep and then woke up to my mother’s phone call at 7AM Israel time.

So then I tweet Mr. Al Trautwig and here is the conversation:

@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig Did you REALLY just call my elderly parents at midnight because you were upset with my tweet? Do you call all your fans?”

@AlTrautwig: “REALLY. Aren’t you old enough to know better?”

@AlTrautwig:    “@Blocknesmonster: @AlTrautwig Did you REALLY just call my parents? ” you sir are old enough to know better.”

@Blocknesmonster:   “@AlTrautwig I can’t believe you called! Want a personal call from Al Trautwig? Write something mean. He’ll call you! #isles #NYR #njdevils”

@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig I’m flattered that you respect my opinion to want to shoot the breeze about it. Hey hockey world – MY opinion matters #isles”

@AlTrautwig:    “Respect? you dont understand the word.”

@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig I know enough about the word to know that I lose more respect for you with every snarky comment & uneven reporting on the Isles

@AlTrautwig:    “I root for the isles you moron.”

@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig Maybe when you were younger. Not so obvious now. Calling me a Moron shows me that I spoke your language earlier :-)”

@Blocknesmonster:    “@AlTrautwig At least when I referred to you as a Moron I was more creative about it LOL.”

And that folks was the end of the tweetfest.

I still can’t believe he was/is insane enough to research my phone number and call my parent’s house, where I haven’t lived in over 20 years, at MIDNIGHT just to yell at me about a tweet.

I spoke to my father today. He said that Al’s lucky my mother answered the phone and not him.

Mojo at Islandermania found this tweet.
Al Trautwig probably drunk dialed them –

Irregular Strength

After 13 games and going into tonight’s game its important to acknowledge that the Islanders special teams are AWESOME.

Our power play is 6th in the league and the penalty kill is 4th in the league. Thank you Doug Weight. What’s hurting the Islanders is their ineffectiveness playing 5 on 5.

Think about it. The Islanders have scored 39 goals and only of 26 them were scored at even strength. Their opponents scored a total of 46 goals and 41 were scored against the Islanders at even strength. Meaning, the Islanders have been scored on 15 more times or 37% more 5 on 5!

That’s crazy. If the Islanders NEVER go on a power play, there is no way for them to win games. They are averaging exactly 2 even goals per game to the opponent’s 3.15. That’s unacceptable.

Who are the culprits? I’m basing my opinion based on +/- and at least 10 games played.

The defense is overworked and it shows.
Streit is -9
Hamonic is a -8
AMac is -6
Each of them has played 23-25+ minutes a game.

There is some good news on Defense, not everything is lost. Brian Strait is a +1 while playing an average of 17:54 a night and now that Visnovsky is here, he is playing an average of 22:11 and is also a +1.

I feel that a better distribution of minutes and the addition of one solid defensively responsible offensive defenseman can make the difference.

Another way to improve play 5 on 5 is by trading or demoting the offensive dynamo known as “Harry Potter”. Okposo averages almost 18 minutes a night, only has 1 goal, 3 assists for 4 points and is a MINUS 8. He doesn’t even contribute to the PP. The next closest player is Brad Boyes at a -6, but he’s 4-6-10 and is contributing to the offense 5 on 5 and on the power play.

Heck, the offense as a whole needs to employ a stronger forecheck to maintain a scoring threat. The defense is at the core of that issue. If they can’t keep the puck in the zone, the Isles don’t score.

The Islanders are just at the cusp of greatness. Hopefully, with some small changes we can continue to see some more growth.

R.I.P. Mayor Ed Koch

Blocknessmonster (on the left) with Mayor Ed Koch at Mayor Guliani’s inauguration.

The Devil is in the Defense

Mama always told me that the Islanders games are like a box of chocolate, you never know which team your gonna get.

It was very exciting to hear Jeremy Roenick predict on National TV that the Islanders are going to make the playoffs, but “grounded” Isles fans are waiting for the 10 game losing streak. It feels like 2001-2003 again, but with John Tavares and homegrown talent . Laviolette was a better coach than Capuano, but Caps has Doug Weight running special teams and he’s doing great. BUT the devil is in the defense.

Lavi’s, Nolan’s and even Scott Gordon’s team were all defensively responsible. I’m not trying being a Debby Downer, but the 2013 Islanders can reel off 20 goals and give up 21. I love that Caps has opened things up to let the offense be creative. They’re also pouncing on loose pucks and finishing on breakaways, but they are not back checking and supporting the defense. I’ll save my critique of the defense itself until after Visnovsky comes.

I am dying for this team to make the playoffs and I hope JR is correct, but one day they blow a comeback with a major breakdown against the Jets and the next day you get a stellar domination of the Penguins. This team needs a sustained consistent effort to be successful and they have not done it, yet.

If they LIGHT UP the Devils tonight, and I mean score more than four goals and win the game, I will  be on my way to being a believer as well.

Tale Of Two Tweeties

Both Nino Niederreiter and Matt Donovan were voted by the fans to be on the starting lineup for the AHL All-Star game.

Nino’s tweet about his professional milestone:

@thelnino25 Thanks for all the votes!! very happy and much appreciated #AHLAllStar #startinglineup

Neiderreiter claims his agent is the catalyst pushing for a trade and making demands on the Islanders. I gave him the benefit of the doubt until this tweet. This is not the tweet of a team player.

This is the tweet of a TEAM FIRST player:
Matt Donovan:
@squatchdonovan Thanks to #BST fans, friends, and family who voted to put me in the starting line up of the AHL All-Star game! #MuchAppreciated #Excited

Maybe I’m reading too much into things, but Donovan “gets” it, while Nino seems as selfish as ever. #mailinginthetweet


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